Office 365 Web Add-ins

Our all-inclusive Office 365 consultancy provides multifaceted and efficient collaboration

Add new functionality to Office clients - Bring external data into Office, automate Office documents, third-party functionality exposure in Office clients, and many more. Use Microsoft Graph API to connect to data that drives productivity.

Create new rich, interactive objects that can be embedded in Office documents - Embed interactive visualizations, maps, and charts that users can add to their personal Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.


Office Add-ins provide the following advantages over VBA, COM, or VSTO built add-ins.

  • Cross-platform support: Office Add-ins are fully functional in Office on different platforms such as web, Windows, Mac, and iPad
  • Centralized deployment and distribution: Admins deploy Office Add-ins centrally across an organization
  • Easy access via AppSource: Submit your app to Appsource and make your solution available to a broad audience
  • Based on standard web technology. To build Office Add-ins use any library you like

Our extremely skilled developers can help you with ground-breaking office Add-in development services to get improved capabilities and obtain Office productivity goals

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Office 365 Web Add-ins
  • Word Web Add-in: Covered areas: Paragraphs, Characters, Documents, Pages, Styles, Bullets, Numbering, Tables, Charts, Fields, Bookmarks, Hyperlinks
  • Outlook Web Add-in: Covered areas: Search, Calendar, Mail, Rules, Alerts, Appointments, Meetings, Address Book, People, Events, Contacts, Groups, Exchange
  • Excel Web Add-in: Covered areas: Array Formulas, Tables, Charts, Workbooks, Worksheets, Rows Columns, Cells Ranges, Functions, User Defined, Formulas, Dates Times, Formatting
  • PowerPoint Web Add-in: Covered areas: Slides, Paragraphs, Presentations, Characters, Styles, Bullets, Numbering, Charts, Animation, Text Boxes, Tables, Transitions
  • OneNote Web Add-in: Covered areas: Journal, subpage, sections, page, Notes, content
  • Project Web Add-in: Covered areas - Project scheduling, Work packages, Estimates, update the statusing data, Reporting tables in Project Web App, configuring views, roadmaps, Earned value, Dates, Calendars, tasks
Office 365 Web Add-ins Advantages image - Cognitive Convergence

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